Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Design Behind Android Renderscript .. Renderscript Part 2

Android Renderscript Continued..
If you were interested in the earlier article about the native Android Renderscript API, introduced to us by Google engineer, Jason Sams, you will be delighted to know that Jason has followed up with even better part two of the subject loaded with theories and examples.
The new article focuses on how the Renderscript was designed, Portability, Performance and Usability were the main objectives. Jason explains why C99 was selected as the base for the Renderscript and how 'compute' offloading of data processing from Dalvik code to Renderscript code.
I have not tried the examples yet but I will do as soon as I find some time, just to understand the graphics processing with Renderscript.
Follow the link below for the original article on Android developers blog
Android Developers Blog: Renderscript Part 2


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