Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Android Leads iOS in Ad Impressions, Millennial Madia.

Top 10 Countries By Mobile Ad Impressions.
Android Leads iOS in Ad Impressions http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
According to the company's monthly report, Android seems to be very impressive and leads that pack. Almost twice as much as the next contender, iOS. (Android has 54% and iOS 28% in the networks Ad impressions). Millenial is the third largest mobile ad network behind Google's AD MOB and Apple's iADs.

But Apple lead the connected device category and device manufacturer category. But at the rate companies like HTC and Samsung are rising, in no time Android will over take Apple in all fronts, at least it points that way.
Here are some facts from the Millennial monthly report (Available to download)
  • Last month we continued to see increased platform and manufacturer diversity – emphasizing the importance of advertising across all platforms. While Android continues to lead iOS as the largest Smartphone OS on our network, iOS outpaced all other operating systems in ad requests with a 47% increase month-over-month.
  • HTC grew 36% in January to claim the number two position in the Top 15 Manufacturers ranking. This growth is tied to the significant number of HTC devices represented in the Top 30 Mobile Device ranking.
  • Apple, the leading device manufacturer on our network, represented 26% of the Top 15 Manufacturers impression share in January, a 24% increase month-over-month. Apple iPod Touch reclaimed the number two position on the Top 30 Mobile Devices ranking in January.
  • Wi-Fi impressions experienced a 21% month-over-month increase. The increase in impression share of Connected Devices month-over-month contributed to the increase in Wi-Fi impressions.
  • Symbian impressions grew significantly in January, increasing 24% month-over-month.
Millennial blog via Techcrunch


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