Thursday, February 03, 2011

Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan Has A Throttle! At Least For Top 5% Of Data Customers.

Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan Has A Throttle!
If you were thinking of believing Verizon and it's unlimited data plans, you are in for a surprise. Just keeping the American entrepreneurship alive, Verizon is following Henry Ford. Just like Mr. Ford said, that you could have any color as long as it is black, Verizon is telling you can have unlimited data, as long it below the limits we set. Well you might fall in to this group of users, so check it.

Verizon Wireless strives to provide customers the best experience when using our network, a shared resource among tens of millions of customers. To help achieve this, if you use an extraordinary amount of data and fall within the top 5% of Verizon Wireless data users we may reduce your data throughput speeds periodically for the remainder of your then current and immediately following billing cycle to ensure high quality network performance for other users at locations and times of peak demand. Our proactive management of the Verizon Wireless network is designed to ensure that the remaining 95% of data customers aren’t negatively affected by the inordinate data consumption of just a few users

Well, at least AT&T don't have to worry because at least their existing customers now will think twice before running to Verizon because for old customers, AT&T is still giving unlimited data, at least for now. New customer, it does not make much of a difference, which network they are attached to, Verizon and AT&T both have limits on data usage.
Memo also mentions of other measures Verizon Wireless is taking, to make Verizon Experience, less painful.

Verizon PDF Memo via BGR


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