Thursday, February 17, 2011

Apple Losing Trust Over Subscription Requirements WIth. Antitrust Regulators

Apple Losing Trust Over Subscription Requirements
The Justice Department and the FTC are looking in to if Apple is breaking U.S. antitrust laws by forcing / coaxing media companies' customers into the payment system for its iTunes store which require a 30% cut, according to the people familiar with the situation, WSJ published,
The European Commission, have mentioned that the commission was aware of the new subscription service and was "carefully monitoring the situation.", according to EC spokesperson.

It looks like APple is trying lock down usrs and publishers within it's confinements as the tablet market currently Apple is enjoying is being encroached by Android tablets, some of which, like Motorola XOOM, are better and more expensive. I should know, I am getting a Motorola XOOM.
Subscriptions will not be a problem as I do not have any and music, I buy else where. But I hope those Apple fan boys realize what Apple is doing to them.
I hope if Apple is doing something wrong, hope the authorities will get them, but then again, what would I do in Apple's shoes, It is a free market!
Read more at WSJ with past and present FTC and Justice department interests on Apple's deeds.


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