Friday, February 18, 2011

Android Platform Share! Android 1.5 To Android 2.3.

Android Platform share
Android Developers site has released some statistics on  Google's Android Platform from Android 1.5 to the latest Android 2.3. The charts and table below shows relative number of active Android devices powered by given iteration of Android OS.
Immediately below is the information about data collected during two weeks period ending February 2, 2011. Data is based on devices accessing Android Market.
Please visit the link below for more information such as historical data that shows the adaptation of Android 2.3 (see here for the general rise of the Android ) over the latter quarter of 2010.

PlatformAPI LevelDistribution
Android 1.533.9%
Android 1.646.3%
Android 2.1731.4%
Android 2.2857.6%
Android 2.390.8%

Android Developers


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