Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Click-To-Call For Smartphones, How Googlers Do It

Click-To-Call For Smartphones,
When we wrote about click to call, it was mostly about the web, be it click2call on a web page, Google Maps click2call and something that someone has cooked up.But last year we did write about Click-to-Call for mobile and now we know more about it.
If you think about it, what is more appropriate for click to call feature other than a phone, I meant smartphone that almost all of us carry around.
That must be what Googlers, one and half to be exact, thought when they set about developing a product prototype that would graduate to become the Click-to-Call for smartphones.
But as I mentioned the trick was not in the development of Click-to-Call for smartphones, but getting it out. Unlike traditional deployment track, these engineers jumped right in the middle and launched the product to 50% of the Google's mobile advertisers. With simple and clever methods and tools like brains and spreadsheets, they were able to launch the product Click-to-Call for Smartphones within a matter of months.
Now, Google runs Click-to-Call ads on both search and the Google Display Network are generating millions of calls every month on mobile phones and driving strong performance for advertisers.
The engineer, product manager say this was only possible because of Google. Yes we believe.

Advertisers can include Click-to-Call number in ad campaigns in two ways.

  • Location extensions -- display your local business phone number to nearby users on mobile devices with full browsers. View instructions for enabling location extensions.
  • Phone extensions -- display your national or vanity phone number to all users on mobile devices with full browsers. View instructions for enabling phone extensions. 

Official Google Blog: Dialed up: the rapid launch and growth of Click-to-Call


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