Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Judge Denies A Summery Judgment In Oracle - Google Copyright Infringement Case

Oracle - Google Case
Google was denied in it's request for summery judgment in the  Oracle Google Android case, according to a post on Foss Patents blog
The District Court for the Northern District of California took Oracle's side, in Google's motion for summary judgment against Oracle's copyright infringement allegations.

"Having considered both parties' submissions, this order finds that good cause has not been shown to engage in a summary judgment battle at this time."
But all is not bad news, as this does not mean Oracle will prevail. It is just that Google failed prove that that Oracle claims are bogus and should be dismissed without further scrutiny.
"Google's request is DENIED without prejudice to renewal after a more complete evidentiary record has been developed through discovery."
This according to Foss patent blog means, Google gets another chance to go at it once all the evidence on the table, at the end of discovery. Oracle's answer to the motion seem to have helped a lot in this decision.
Perhaps Google was bidding time for cleaning up and modifying the Java engine so the disruption to Android is minimal.
But the article and related stuff on the FOSS Patents are pretty interesting. But I am sure Android will go on!


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