Monday, February 21, 2011

Tribair Brings Free Calling, Worldwide Over WiFi

Tribair Free Worldwide Calling Over WiFi
Andy Abramson, again :) directed me to a new company, Tribair, which was launched by  Mobivox founder Eric Reiher.
If you know or remember FON, the free WiFi mesh that allowed you to access WiFi all over the world for free for sharing your internet connection via a WiFi router, provided by FON. I used FON in Europe, Tokyo extensively in early years before I got my smartphones. Even Skype rode on FON by providing "SMC Wi-Fi Phone Package" in 2006 that merged the SMC WSKP100 handset, Fon's La Fonera router, 500 SkypeOut minutes, and a full year of Skype voicemail, all for $160.

Tribair does the same thing to VoIP, what FON did to internet access on the go or while sitting still. The concept is simple, to borrow from Andy;

You install a Tribair client, find a hotspot and make free calls to other TriBair subscribers or for low rates to others.. In alot of ways this is as much like what Skype Access does with Boingo, but for free. And if the FON model of sharing between carriers and between their customers can keep growing, then Tribair has more than a shot at being successful, especially in light of T-Mobile's statistics which shows how many of their customers use their mobiles to make calls over Wi-Fi
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Tibair via Andy Abramson


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