Friday, February 11, 2011

‘Heat MWC’ App From Google Mobile Advertising Creates ‘MWC Heat Map’

Mobile World Congress ‘Heat Map’
The Google Mobile Advertising team has teamed up with ad agency Jung von Matt Stockholm to develop the must-have app for this year’s MWC, ‘Heat MWC’ App. The App runs both on Android plat form and iOS platform. With the App MWC attendees will be able to identify the hottest popular spots at the event and around town - and connect to fellow delegates. If you find any new contacts, try bumping your phones together to instantly exchange personal details and pave the way for future business.
The MWC Heat App and the Map will highlight which keynote, stand, event or bar is attracting the most delegates. You can get the app from Android Market and iTunes App Store. See you there and let us bump our phones.


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