Monday, December 13, 2010

Taxing VoIP

Taxing VoIP
Looks like we will be paying more for VoIP services in the year 2011. Yes cities and municipalities are feeling the pinch, which is much more than a pinch now that with broadband almost everyone going VoIP route. So get ready for paying more for your Vonage, Skype etc.
"Cities rely on the tax revenue generated (by telecoms) to provide critical services to their citizens," says Cheryl Leanza, an attorney for the National League of Cities setting up ways to tax VoIP. (that was in 2005 when US VoIP revenue was some thing like $1.7 billion. the prediction for 2007 was $4.6 but the actual VoIP Revenue for 2007 hit $16.8 Billion), which represents 18,000 cities across the USA. These taxes account for roughly 2% to 21% of your monthly phone bill depending on where you live and I know a bunch of people who does not even have a traditional phone line.
So it is time to catch Comcast and the likes with a yearly contract.
Via VoIP Watch 


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