Monday, December 06, 2010

Skype Hiring For The Cloud And The Enterprise.

#Skype Hiring For The Cloud And The Enterprise.
In preparing for the IPO push, Skype has been looking for ways to expand the business and offerings. One of the solutions seem to be taking Skype and VoIP to the cloud. Cloud based VoIP offerings  are the target of most companies and Skype Cloud will certainly be dark clouds over efforts like Microsoft's new Lync offering. I have no idea how it will affect Google Voice which is now integrated with GMail, even though it works only in USA and Canada at the moment.
Enterprise IT still go for the likes of Cisco, Avaya and ShoreTel, for their VoIP and communication solutions because they offer security and stability rather than the latest buzz.
But SMBs and small business do go for these services and sometimes fall prey to companies or services like Packet8 by 8X8.Yet Skype have proven to be resilient many factors that others failed. So these new hirings will further enhance the position as it embarks on yet another new frontier. These hiring (and many more at the link given below) looks to “build an infrastructure capable of supporting hundreds of millions of users.” to deliver “voice, video, chat and presence” to the web and “enable radically new Skype applications.”

But it will be helpful if Skype posted the link to the website properly ;) ( instead of We have modified the link so go find your Skype Job.
Here are the SIlicon Valley Jobs;

 Techcrunch via VoIP Watch


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