Wednesday, November 17, 2010

TV Culture, Global 2010 Media Engagement Barometer, Tells Americans Love TV And Paying For It.

#Socialmedia Media Engagement Barometer
The Vanson Bourne survey, Motorola Mobility’s Global 2010 Media Engagement Barometer,  conducted for Motorola has a lot of information about how we love TV and pay for it. There were 1000 people from USA out of 7500 interviewed worldwide. So it looks like about 86% Americans subscribe to Pay TV system and just about 6% watch internet TV with internet enabled TVs. Also about 59% watch the world through a HDTV.
The research clearly shows a changing television landscape, one where subscription services are becoming mainstream, augmented by social activities revolving around Internet chat and networking channels, As we advance further into the Internet Era of TV, the ability for service providers to differentiate their offers will become even more crucial as consumers look for extra value from their subscriptions. The good news is that, based on these findings, consumers are willing to pay for the services providing the value.” said Bill Ogle, chief marketing officer, Motorola Mobility.
But for me the important part is about the community;
China, the United Arab Emirates and Russia are the most enthusiastic when it comes to integrating social media into their viewing habits. The Japanese, Germans and viewers in the Nordics are the least likely to chat, use instant messaging or a platform like Twitter or Facebook® to discuss a program or video while they are watching it. According to the study, 84 percent of Japanese viewers have never undertaken such an activity. Globally, however, 58 percent of people who have used social media during a TV program would change their service provider if this was offered as an integrated service.

The complete report and graphics are available at Motorola.


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