Monday, March 29, 2010

Google Fiber to Home, 1100 Communities Wants It

Google Fiber to Home
Google received more than 1,100 community requests and more than 194,000 individuals requests for the experimental fiber network to be deployed in their respective neighborhoods. Of course I want it in Berkeley, California. Google released the above map which displays where the responses were concentrated as of 1:30pm PT. Each small dot represents a government response, and each large dot represents locations where more than 1,000 residents submitted a nomination.
Google will update the map and information to show complete responses of government responses soon.

Even though Google mentioned that you do not have to jump in to frozen lakes to get included in the experimental fiber to home project, some people did. Hopefully you don't have to do the same, once FCCs National Broadband Plan come to place.

Official Google Blog: Next steps for our experimental fiber network


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