Tuesday, September 29, 2009

SIP Communicator And Other Tales From Google Summer of Code Adventures: Part One

Since being accepted into Google Summer of Code, in 2007, SIP Communicator has gone through many a transformations. The popularity of having seven successful students out of eight that was funded in that summer brought honor to the open source project as well as many followers like me.
In 2008 SIP Communicator had much wider acceptance both by public and the Google Summer of Code project. They were honored with 20 student projects but due to the circumstances, only 15 were selected by the project. At the end of 2008 Google Summer of Code, the team has added two permanent contributors to the project.
In 2009, the number of student applicants increased to 203 and out of those a super 10 was selected by the SIP Communicator team and they are doing great with their brains.
There are four very interesting projects (there is more to come in a second part of the post);

Growl Notifications, and Next Generation Sparkle Updates
Hush-hush Chats with Off The Record (OTR) Messaging
Storing Chat History and Contact Lists in a Database
Recognizing and displaying remote user agents
Looks like we have so much to do with SIP Communicator in the coming year.
Great Job, Google Summer of Code and the SIP Communicator team who participated!

Google Open Source Blog: SIP Communicator's Summer of Code Adventures: Part One


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