Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Android G3, Android G1 V2? Yes Add Samsung Houdini To That. (T-Mobile Android Lineup)

T-Mobile Android Lineup
According to aforum post on TMOToday.com, T-Mobile has a nice line up for this year concerning Android Devices. The Android G1, Google Phone will reach end of life soon and will be replaced by T-Mobile G1 V2, a nice and round G1 with a slide out keyboard. I think I am going to like it! The there is T-Mobile G2 also known as HTC Magic but Samsung Houdini joins the lineup as well. Then they are talking about T-Mobile G3 as seen above from Code Android that has surfaced recently.
From the photo, all Androids that are on T-Mobile seem to go on a diet and slim down and as well as loose the trackballs! and keyboards. One way or the other, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android might lead the US markets, as we see in this report where BlackBerry outsold iPhones. But as you see, Android is not very far away!
TMOToday discussion
Code Android G3


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