Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SVSIP, VoIP / SIP Client For Nintendo DS,

Nintendo DS SIP Client
Today I received a comment requesting information on making a SIP based phone call from a Nintendo DS. Even though I have written about SVSIP (Nintendo DS goes VoIP with SvSIP and PJSIP ) before, much has changed since then regarding to program, it needs a new introduction in anyways.
The SvSIP is written by samuelv and is a open source program based on pjsip, (Python in your SIP, and Python SIP, Yes PJSIP Wraps It!) and makes good VoIP Client for Nintendo DS.

SvSIP is under development, and currently you can:

  • Make call to phone numbers,
  • Receive calls,
  • to querry IVR through DTMF tones.
There are many improvements since we wrote the original article and also some quirks. For instance the WIFI connection need to be invoked by other means as the SvSIP does not have the capability to activate the WiFi connection. But if you invoke a connection with another program, SvSIP will utilize that connection to make SIP based VoIP Calls.
You can use Wifi_config.nds, to configure your WiFi connection and don't forget to save the configuration.

The following guidelines should be followed

  • You can only use WEP encryption and not WPA, WPA2.
  • SSID must be broadcast mode.
  • The followings ports of your firewall must be opened :
    • 5060
    • 4000-4007)
You can download SvSIP Version 7, from this link.
You can use any of the following Free SIP account providers.
Source code, other tools and more information, SvSIP


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