Monday, May 11, 2009

Palm Pre Gets A Wireless Charger

Palm Pre
Looking to become noticeable in the crowded smartphone market, Palm is shipping it's flagship product, Palm® Pre™ with a wireless charger. Wireless charging has been with us for years - think of electric toothbrushes that rest on chargers with no wires connecting them. The charging happens through magnetic induction.
You just rest the phone on a pad and the phone get charged just like that electric toothbrush. But still you get something to be plugged to the wall and a cord running to where the pad is placed. It just eliminates you having to plug in the phone to a jack.
But of you who think of being green, can drop this as it wastes about 10-15% of efficiency from the wired models.
This will be efficient if all the small devices that need to be charged could use the same interface to charge. At this point, you eliminate multitude of transformers and save a lot of electrical energy. But that to happen, these type of charging need to become standard and it might take years. But the good point about Palm Pre is that it is a start that might lead to an standard in the future.

  • • Non-slip material securely fastens dock to tables, desks, and other surfaces, and prevents dock from
    moving when phone is removed
  • • Magnets in the dock align your phone in the correct position for charging, whether in portrait or
    landscape mode
  • • No cables or connectors required to attach your Palm® Pre™ phone to the dock
  • • Charges your device in same amount of time as wall charger
  • • Place Pre on the dock when you're on a call and speakerphone automatically turns on, and when you
    take Pre off, speakerphone conversation is routed back to the phone
  • • When Pre rings on the dock, the phone answers when taken off the dock
  • • Requires Touchstone™ back cover, sold separately


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