Monday, May 04, 2009

AT&T Customers Can Get Edgy With BlackBerry Curve 8900 Soon.

Blackberry Curve 8900
AT&T today announced the early summer availability of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone. AT&T consumer, small business and enterprise customers will enjoy new features and enhanced performance, including both Wi-Fi and GPS, a fast next generation processor, rich multimedia capabilities, microSD/SDHC expandable memory card slot supports up to 16GB1 per card and ample memory for applications with the BlackBerry Curve 8900. Users will be able to get a faster, richer experience surfing the Internet and accessing their social networking or line-of-business applications via AT&T’s wireless and Wi-Fi networks.
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 is a world phone, allowing customers to access data in more than 170 countries and make calls in more than 200. The smartphone supports quad-band EDGE (850/900/1700/ 1800Mhz) and Wi-Fi 802.11 b and g. The BlackBerry Curve 8900 also comes with a removable/rechargeable battery that provides a talk time of 5.5 hours and approximately 15 days of standby time. But no 3G!
The BlackBerry Curve 8900 smartphone will be available in AT&T stores and online in the early summer.
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