Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ken Camp Looking To Connect.

Once again Andy directed me to the plight of Ken Camp. Like Andy said, I too have known him since I started blogging. I was thrilled sometime back then he linked to my misspelled (still is) blog. I have not had much of a social contact with him other than seeing him at a few trade shows but I was a stealth reader of his doings. When he got together with Sheryl, in their joint venture (Andy tells me it is more than a venture now), I was happy to follow their combined efforts.
But Ken Camp is looking for work now. He is that jovial fellow you meet at most telecommunication trade shows. Andy gives his account of Ken and Sheryl has a nice post about Ken. Both of them do a better job of explaining Ken than I would ever be able to.
I think visits to both the sites will will give you more information and lead you to Ken's CV (resume). If you can, please help.


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