Friday, February 27, 2009

iPhone Printing With "Print & Share"

iPhone Printing
If you are the type who does your home work while commuting (or everything possible ) on the iPhone, I am sure you would have thought how to print this thing directly, rather than emailing to another account, go to a computer printer and print from it.
Yes now you can, while searching on the iTunes, I noticed the app, Print & Share (iTunes App Store Link). A quick web search revealed that others have noticed it as well. So I went directly to the developers site to get some info.
So what you get with the app is;
  • Print emails from various email accounts
  • Save emails and attachments as files
  • Transfer files to and from several Macs or PCs, even remotely
  • Print email attachments
  • Drag and drop files to folders
  • Edit and print text documents
  • View emails and attachments before printing
  • View files (doc, excel, txt, html, pdf & more) in portrait or landscape mode
  • Move files from your computer into any folder you choose
  • Supports POP3, IMAP and SSL for email
  • Filter IMAP email by date
  • Double tap to view files and folders
  • Print most file types
  • Select and print multiple contacts
  • Select and print multiple photos, any size your printer supports
  • Print remotely back to your office or home printer
  • Bookmarks for web page printing
  • Print via WiFi or cell network
  • iPhone and iPod touch compatible
  • Mac and Windows compatible
In order to use the app, in addition to installing and configuring the app, you need to install an application called WePrint software for your desktop/laptop computer and then you can print directly from your iPhone.
WePrint is a print server and finds all the printers attached to your computer, network or local. According to the publishers, once installed and configured (includes a bit of work with your network) you will be able to print from anywhere, as long as your iPhone and the home or office network is on the internet.
If you are wondering if it is difficult, the developers, EuroSmartz have a very comprehensive website with examples and FAQs as well as 24/7 support!


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