Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free Skype To Go Number for All Skype Paying Customers
Free Skype To Go Number for all Skype customers who either have a subscription or a balance in their account by purchasing some credit. Yep that is what Peter Parkes on Skype share announced today.
If you did not no by now, a Skype To Go number, allows you to call anyone anywhere at Skype’s super-low rates from a landline or mobile phone regardless of where you are. Skype To Go lets you take low-cost calls everywhere.

How does a Skype To Go number work?

You call your Skype To Go number from your mobile phone (or any phone).

You hear a menu that lets you choose one of your pre-saved speed dial contacts, or dial any other number.

You reach your contact wherever they are in the world and save a bundle on call costs.

Important: Avoid international call fees by only using mobiles and landlines in the same country as your Skype To Go number. Skype To Go numbers are currently available for Australia, Chile, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, UK and the US

Skype announcement.


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