Friday, February 06, 2009

CalliFlower On iPhone, Fantastic.
I was happy to find Calliflower, the conferencing application,(Free Conference Calls) from IOTUM on my iPhone App Store. I have been looking forward to the application.
The basic service is still free but once you see what the new premium service offers (Free local numbers in Australia, Europe, and North America, offline administration and Document sharing) you would certainly add it to your account.
Even with the premium service, there are no per minute charges or call time limits, it is all you can eat conference buffet with as many participants you would like.
I am writing this even before testing the application and I looking forward very much to test calliflower on iPhone experience. (I did a brief test)
From what I read we get everything but the document sharing (due to lack of flash support on iPhone) from the desktop application. Alec Saunders, the CEO of Iotum has written a nice post about calliflower on iPhone, Calliflower on iPhone releases.
Andy Abramson also talks about the virtues of Calliflower on iPhone.


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