Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Agora Android Phone For Aussies?
Disappointing everyone who were waiting for the Android based Agora phone, Kogan the supplier has announced that there is an indefinite delay. According to a post on Kogan site, the delay comes due to potential future interoperability issues.

"The Agora did reach a very late stage of development. Manufacturing had commenced and it was a matter of days from being shipped to you. However, it now seems certain the Agora in it's current form will limit its compatibility and interoperability in the near future."

Basically Agora not fitting the Android Bill. (I liked the look of the Agora Android Phone.) All is not lost as there is news that Android G1 is coming shortly to Australia. Optus has been preparing to deliver the HTC Dream (G1) support and service with it's technical and support staff according to ZDNET article. According to the same, following is a picture of the HTC Dream (G1) Manual cover.


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