Monday, January 05, 2009

AT&T 2G Coverage Weakened?
According to Open For Business, AT&T has changed the frequencies of EDGE/2G service used by most of the pre 3G phones. Instead of steady and far reaching 850Mhz, now users can enjoy 1900MHz band. This leaves users of older phones in a bit of a trouble. This includes the original and expensive iPhone 1G.
The switch has been confirmed by AT&T and was done to boost the 3G service that we are using and spend our battery power hunting for it, in our new and shiny iPhone 3G. The affected users were allegedly told by AT&T to switch to newer 3G phones.
So I guess people who paid exorbitant prices for the original iPhone must be wondering, what did I do? like I did when I got my first bill for iPhone 3G!
But this is what OFB had to say about costs!;
"When I contacted AT&T’s technical support seeking a solution to the problem, the company did offer a $200 one-time credit, a helpful offer, but not nearly enough to offset replacing my family’s two perfectly functional iPhones and additional Nokia handset (equipment totaling about $1,000 in value over the last two years), nor did the company offer to offset the additional fees attached to the new phones (a cumulative total of $30/month). The standard upgrade offered was pursuant to a new two-year contract on all three lines. Over the course of the next two years, AT&T’s offer would cost an additional $920 plus tax to restore the level of service previously available."
You can read more and gather facts at OFB, Fewer Bars at More places.


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