Tuesday, January 06, 2009

TruPhone Brings Skype And More To iPhone!

According to a post on Techcrunch, TruPhone has integrated skype into truphone client, making it in to unified,( IM, VoIP and GSM Voice) client for iPhone. Truphone already had low cost calls over Wi-Fi or GSM networks and send cheap SMS for iPhone, and now with Skype support, one app will bring in most of your communication needs for iPhone from within one unified iPhone client.
We already have truphone on Blackberry, here. In addition to that truphone was the first ever SIP client on iPhone. And don't forget that this is the company that took T-Moblie to court to stop it from blocking it's services.
TC mentions that he software comes out on Jan. 12. Once installed, you’ll be able to make and receive Skype calls and IM to other Skype users.
In addition to Skype, Truphone has also added full two-way instant messaging over MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk on the iPod touch as of now and on Jan. 12 for the iPhone. It had Twitter integration already implemented.
I am begining to like this truphone iPhone client! already!
TC article has more information.


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