Thursday, January 15, 2009

FastMac iPhone iV iPhone Charger Battery Pack
I have listened to many people who run out of juice on th iPhone, specially the 16GB 3G phone users. I myself have "Incase Power Slider Case for iPhone 3G" and I have iPhone power packs and I am very happy so far. With quite a bit of surfing under 3G and hundreds of emails a day for some of which I reply via iPhone as well, messaging and a fair amount of calls, I charge my iPhone every otherday rather than everyday.
But I have a complain, I cannot plug in regular iPhone chargers, USB connectors and car chargers with this power glove. I have to use the USB cable that came with it. I think I will write about it later as this is about the FastMac.
Anyway more I read about this new FastMac iPhone iV iPhone Charger Battery Pack, I am thinking of handing over the current Incase powerpack to my girl friend and get the FastMac for myself.

FastMacs 3100mAh battery capacity pushes this to be the highest capacity backup battery iPhone case available at the moment. Another bonus that is the USB port at the bottom of the case could be used to charge another device like Bluetooth headset, which in my case happen to run out of juice as I use it most during the day.
Also I can put the whole thing, power pack and the iPhone on the dock as it supports the 30 pin dock connector port. Good addition for my desk based iPhoning.


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