Friday, January 02, 2009

Call Control (Prepaid Support) In OpenSIPS

Call Control is a new application for OpenSIPS (formerly OpenSER) and used together with call_control module and CDRTool rating engine to manage the time duration of SIP sessions based on a prepaid amount. One is also able to control the time duration of SIP sessions without having to deal with prepaid accounting.

Both the above are handled by Call Controll by using a timer to track maximum time allocated and to sending a BYE signel to both the ends of the SIP session, when the limit is reached. Call control could also be used to forcibly close a session by a third party.

Following features are listed by the release notes and you can download Call Control from here.

  • Parallel sessions using one balance per subscriber
  • Support for sessions that have timeout without BYE
  • Support for sessions that have timeout for media (using MediaProxy)
  • Manual session stop from server terminal
  • Overview of ongoing sessions in the web page or server terminal
  • Graceful restart without loosing track of sessions
  • Detailed logging of all performed actions using syslog
  • Web page provisioning for prepaid accounts (using CDRTool)
Also a very well written installation guide, TXT file, PDF File.


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