Monday, August 11, 2008

Jajah And MOBIVOX Offer Jajah Concierge For Hands Free Calling.

JAJAH, a managed services provider in IP-telecommunications, has announced a partnership with Mobivox provide mutually beneficial services. Jajah platform has been selected by MOBIVOX, for call termination and a range of other back-end service management functions. The Mobovox's voice-enabling application platform will be utilized by Jajah to to launch JAJAH Concierge. This value-added service allows JAJAH customers to use voice commands to make a hands-free JAJAH call or group call, send an SMS message and more. This comes at a time when there is rise in legislation, most recently in California, requiring hands-free phone calls while driving.

"This is a great partnership between two companies at the forefront of the development of voice 2.0 services," said Trevor Healy, JAJAH CEO in a press release. "MOBIVOX customers benefit from enhanced voice quality, while continuing to use the service they know and love. At the same time, we are delighted to offer JAJAH customers a new service developed on MOBIVOX's voice application platform."

JAJAH Concierge

With JAJAH Concierge, which voice activates JAJAH's core services there is no more scrolling through address books or dialing long phone numbers. This free service gives every JAJAH customer a local number which can be used to initiate phone calls, send a text message or establish conference calls, all at JAJAH's low rates and without lifting a finger.

To use JAJAH Concierge:

1. Go to to get your local access number.

2. Call your local access number; JAJAH Concierge will answer with a personal greeting and await your instructions.

3. Say the name of the person from your contact list you wish to call and your Concierge will connect you.

4. Concierge can also add other parties to the call, send an SMS or add a contact to your JAJAH address book.


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