Monday, August 11, 2008

Fringing Olympics!

As all of us are currently involved in Olympics in one way or the other (I sleep less in nights and work less during the days as I am spending a lot of time watching Olympics. Two of my good friends are over in China getting ready to bring USA two or more gold medals!). In the meantime, Fring has managed to get some Olympic contenders to Fring on during the 2008 Olympic Games. I am not sure about the idea of fringing the Olympic rings! I just remembered a song from Rob Zombie, Sacrilage!
But once subscribed, you will be able to receive live fringcasts or fringfeeds from;

Alexander Rusakov – Gold medal contender these games! This Russian trampoline champion is going to be fringing away when not focusing on the gold medal he is tipped to win!
Oleg Zaporozhchenko Jr. – The Russian Olympics team coach & international category judge!
Fei Wen – Malaysian Olympic volunteer and coordinating the onsite fring effort – thanks!!!
Tania Teoh – Malaysian Olympic volunteer and avid fan of lots of sports including swimming, volleyball, badminton and more!
Udi Moshel – Israeli sports obsessive… I mean, enthusiast… will be keeping us all updated with sports and social updates across the board from the fields and other online circuits!
Agus Jose – Our Spanish sports and travel devotee will micro-blog about both with the added insight only a professional psychologist can offer!

All you have to do is to choose the fringAdd-on from our in-client catalog by: restarting fring –> click Options –> settings– > manage add-ons select one or more. Russians will be micro-blogging in Russian (beginning Aug. 13), Malaysians & Israeli in English and Spanish in… Spanish (beginning Aug. 15).
Enjoy. Here is the link to Fring Blog article.


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