Monday, August 11, 2008

Free Conference Solution, Free Conference Call Gets Direct Dial-in Numbers.

Free Conferencing Corporation, also known as has taken another step by adding New Direct Dial-in Numbers for its Flagship Voice Messaging Services,SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter. So these Private Numbers with “No Limits” Now Available for trouble free conferencing.

Long Beach, CA (August 11, 2008) – Free Conferencing Corporation of America, the leading provider of FREE collaborative communications solutions, today announced the launch of private numbers to its SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter services. The new Private Numbers give customers direct, immediate access to their voicemail boxes without dialing an access code.

"We are giving our existing and prospective SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter customers a truly ‘No Limits’ voicemail service," said David Erickson, founder and CEO, Free Conferencing Corporation of America. "We now offer unlimited outgoing greetings, place no limits on incoming messages, and do not require access codes or extra digits – you simply dial the area code and number. It is powerful yet simple."

According to Erickson, Private Numbers are ideal for consumers and small businesses seeking an alternative to costly phone systems. It can also be used in social networking environments such as Facebook and MySpace; other Web 2.0 applications such as online dating sites; and marketing sites including Craigslist and Ebay. “Online identity protection is key when socializing, interacting or transacting on some of these popular sites. We are providing anonymous, private and confidential numbers that can be given out without the need to disclose actual contact information. Private Numbers are a great alternative to your home or cell phone numbers,” he added.

This expanded offering provides a full featured voicemail service which can be activated immediately without any long term contracts. Other features include: online account access, phone or web administration, multiple configurations that allow users to utilize the voicemail service as a broadcaster, 24/7 availability, email notifications of new messages, and Daily Activity Reports with a “Caller ID Capture” feature. The single voice box is available for $4.95 per month and the unlimited multiple voice box version is available for $9.95 per month.

“For the past four years, SimpleVoiceBox and SimpleVoiceCenter have been providing extremely useful voicemail services to more than 800,000 users, resulting in more than 7.5 million connected calls per month,” noted Erickson. “We hope to replicate our success as the leading provider of free conferencing solutions and become the leader in voicemail services.”

For more information or to register for SimpleVoiceBox or SimpleVoiceCenter, please visit or or call 877.482.5838.


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