Friday, April 01, 2011

Skype Outages And MAC Client Woes!

Yesterday I watched a video (See Below) interview of a Game developer CEO, Jason Asbahr from Montrous . It was all about why the game developers dropped Skype for MAC 5.0 and went back to Skype for MAC 2.8. Since I use my Skype mostly on PC's and Mobile phones, I have not experienced the problem nor I knew what the real problem was. Until I read VoIP Watch that is.
The MAC client problem seem to lead to an departed exec who could not get MAC right and wanted Skype for MAC to be like windows client. Well now you know where that went. I hope Skype will come up with a new client. 'Cos I will be ditching my windows / Linux note boot to a MACbook pro with MAC OS X and windows. The current notebook will stay on my desk and run Linux only.

Then there was signing in and call receiving problems on 30th. I was not very happy but Google Voice was there to save the day, It is not as big as the Supernode Crash. In any case I stopped being a Skype supernode long time ago, ever since I started paying.


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