Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Google Maps 5.3 for Android - Personal Location History Dashboard

I saw how Google Maps 5.3 for Android works on an EVO 4G. Very impressive. But it was one of my collegues phones and I did not want to dig in to see where he has been :). But according to a post on Google Mobile Blog, Your location history, provided that you have enabled personal history for Google Latitude, will dazzle you with a lot of information and trends.
The location history dashboard will show you breakdown of you your week was spent, like how many hours at work, home or outside. Mine perhaps will show being locked at work!
If you like to try, enable location history from your phone (Latitude menu settings) or from your computer. It is 100% opt-in and private and available only to you. If you have been to a place where you should not have been, you can always delete that information via manage history tab. You can correct estimated work and home hours as well.

Another nice feature is that you can add your own aspects for places on the go on Google Maps. You are able to leave feedback on a bar you just visited with your office buddies after work, on the way home. In addition to common aspects, you can add your own aspects like, music played or if the bathroom is dirty, (I hate dirty bathrooms / restrooms :), anything goes.
So visit Google Android Market to update your google maps for Android (Android 1.6+) and go places.

See your location history dashboard and more with Google Maps 5.3 for Android - Official Google Mobile Blog



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