Thursday, April 07, 2011

Android Is Not A “one size fits all” Solution, Stop The FUD : Andy Rubin

With Android receiving multitude of FUD (Fear, uncertainty and doubt) attacks from different people, Android VP of Engineering, Andy Rubin has come out on Android Developers blog to clear up facts for all.

Despite the tremendous growth of the Android platform (which we call the Rise of the Android) and the ecosystem extending well beyond mobile industry (We just deployed a sensor network running on Android), some people with vested interests are slamming the Platform.
We have seen the growth of Android in the mobile market, over and over, up rooting well established players, and putting them where they should be. So I guess they resort to FUD when they lack other means.
Andy Rubin explains why Android is not a "one size fits all" solution and the why the variance is welcomed. He also explains that this variance is under a carefully controlled basic compatibility requirements, if the device or the system presumed as Android compatible and / or offering Google applications with it. So the widely published fragmentation of Android marketare only exist in the minds of those who would not like to see Android succeed;

In fact, all of the founding members of the Open Handset Alliance agreed not to fragment Android when we first announced it in 2007. Our approach remains unchanged: there are no lock-downs or restrictions against customizing UIs. There are not, and never have been, any efforts to standardize the platform on any single chipset architecture.
Read the complete statement by Andy Rubin by following the link below;
Android Developers Blog: I think I’m having a Gene Amdahl moment


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