Friday, April 01, 2011

Don't Talk Drunk, Let GoogleVoice Voicealyzer Take Over The Talking, Texting!

Just like when you try to drive while you are drunk, talking while you are drunk can lead to serious accidents. Sometimes seemingly nice people blurt out the worst things when they are drunk.
You are in luck if you are a Google Voice user, Google Voice just announced Voice-lizer, for Google Voice. This will save you from making embarrassing phone calls or text messages.
To quote the Google Voice;

The next time you know an eventful night is in store, head to the Calls tab in Google Voice Settings. Check the “Enable Voice-alyzer” box, and set the hour that you want the feature to go into effect.
With Voice-alyzer enabled, our IVR will prompt you to spell everyday words with your keypad, like “embarrassed”, ”dizzy” or ”Czechoslovakia”, before we connect your call.
My only problem is I will not be able to make calls even if I am sober, If you have been reading this blog, you know how good I am at spelling. Also when was the last time,  ”Czechoslovakia” was spoken / spelled by you? Enjoy your night(s) out 'cos April comes only once a year.
Google Voice Blog: Introducing the Voice-alyzer


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