Thursday, February 24, 2011

Google Mobile Search : Google Places : Getting To The Right Place At Right Time.

Living, studying and working in SF bay area has it's peaks. Everything is just a few miles or minutes away from where I live. I use Google Search and Google Maps, extensively as I am a bit clueless with driving directions. You know the people you have to shout "the other left". Yes. Google always get me there and back home.
Sometimes we want to get together and put finishing touches on a project after hashing it out at the office. Or sometimes walk out of the campus library, closer to mid night, looking for a snack.
So we do a search, map the place out and arrive at the destination, only to find it is closed! Who has time to check opening and closing times, when your brains are elsewhere. Now you can avoid those "Oh Man" instances, thanks to Google Places, Google Mobile Search.
Now you can narrow down your local searches to show businesses "Open Now".

Once you are done and in a mind to, you can further dig down by filtering on star ratings, the distance etc.
Another feature, I like is the addition of the photos, it makes it easier for me to locate the place, even if it is on the "other left" side of the road.

Finding the right place when you need it - Official Google Mobile Blog


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