Friday, February 04, 2011

Android Apps To Help With The Tax Season

Android Tax Apps
The wireless service provider Cellular South has put together aew Android Tax Help apps the help you out with the tax season. The Cellular South had it's team, Discover Apps enlisted to search for the best Android Apps to help users manage their finances and file taxes on-the-go.
According to the Internal Revenue Service, more than 75 percent of the 140 million people who filed tax returns in 2010 did it by e-filing. It is even possible to use the convenience of wireless smartphones, specifically Android-powered devices, to file their taxes.
“With tax time quickly approaching, consumers are looking for easy, convenient and secure ways to file their taxes. Cellular South is taking this opportunity to educate wireless users about the many options they have for filing their taxes wirelessly, Organizations like the IRS and TurboTax are offering impressive Android smartphone applications to help consumers navigate the tax return process and e-file their taxes with confidence" said Jim Richmond, director of Corporate Communications for Cellular South

The DIscover Apps team scoured Android Market and found  three best wireless e-filing apps for consumers.


IRS2Go: This new, free app from the IRS is an easy and quick way for consumers to manage their e-filing and check the status of their refund. Users need to provide some basic information about their tax return and IRS2Go provides the updates and information needed to stay on top of their tax return.


Taxcaster Mobile: This free, easy app from TurboTax provides a quick tax estimate. Users enter basic information about themselves, their income and deductions and get an estimate on whether they will owe taxes or receive a refund.


Snap Tax: This tax-filing app from TurboTax, the nation’s best-selling tax preparation software, magically helps taxpayers who file a 1040EZ to prepare and file their federal and state income taxes on their smartphones. All consumers need to do is take a photo of their W2, answer a few simple questions and e-file securely. The SnapTax app is free to download, but users pay $14.99 to prepare and e-file their tax returns.

These apps could be used by any Android user and yes, we are not tax experts, in fact do not have a deep knowledge of TAX and our own taxes are handled by experts, so exercise care in all matters TAX.
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