Friday, June 24, 2011

LulzSec Keeping Media And Others Busy

In these busy days LulzSec seem to be busy as well. Then the media are even busier trying to decipher what "LulzSec" is and law enforcement offices around the world trying to catch them or busy telling us that they did. Just Google for LulzSec and you will see the news!
All the while "Lulz Boat" on Twitter keep sailing with news bits, like the lately leaked Arizona Law Enforcement documents. I have not seen the documents but I did read the BoingBoing's analysis of the documents.
Of all the information that was on boingboing, I had to laugh at aluminum foil protection of cell phones at all times to prevent them being accessed [find my iphone and wiping the data] or or from transmitting. (I guess they forgot to tell, if the phone is from AT&T to leave them alone)
Then there was information on other phone tools like Cop Recorder, Trapster.
It is hard to decide whether to laugh or cry.
You should at least read the BB report.


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