Friday, June 17, 2011

Lulzsec : We Are Not At War With Anonymous!

Lulzsec Anon war
Lulzsec, the Internet griefer group, who gave SONY it's run for the security or Sony insecurity has announced that it is not at war with Anonymous. This morning it is all over the Internet due to an altercation involving 4chan.

“To confirm, we aren’t going after Anonymous. 4chan isn’t Anonymous to begin with, and /b/ is certainly not the whole of 4chan. True story./b/ is the peon of all the 4chan boards and 4chan is the mass amplification of crowdsourcing used by AnonOps to gain support. #MediaFacts Saying we’re attacking Anonymous because we taunted /b/ is like saying we’re going to war with America because we stomped on a cheeseburger.”
And @YourAnonNews has also announced "We are not at war with @Lulzsec!"
You can read more information over at TechCrunch


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