Friday, June 10, 2011

Apple Sued Over iCloud Trademark By iCloud Communications

Apple Sued Over iCloud Trademark
While I was wondering about "How To Get Out Of The iCloud", looks like someone else want Apple to get out of cloud, I meant iCloud.
iCloud Communications has filed a trademark infringement suit yesterday in the US Disctrict Court in Arizona over the use of name iCloud.
While IANL, it looks like Apple has done some thing wrong. According to iCloud Communications, the trademark grabbing by Apple has damaged it's business, brand and the product, which is by the way very similar to what Apple plans to offer under the moniker iCloud. They have sighted former Apple infringements of trademarks, like The Beatles, McIntosh Labs stereo equipment and the cartoon character Mighty Mouse.
iCloud is seeking  all profits, gains and advantages by Apple as well as  all monetary damages sustained by iCloud. Of course it is asking Apple to discontinue the use of brand name iCloud.
iCloud Complaint via TNW


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