Monday, June 06, 2011

iTunes In The Cloud : iCloud

iTunes In The Cloud : iCloud
iCloud is a large application that marches forward to eliminate the file system. iCloud need to be explained further to be understood better. So for now let us look at iTunes In The Cloud, a part of the iCloud.
With iTunes In The Cloud, you can have all your iTunes purchased music everywhere, meaning all your devices, iPhone, iPod, iPad, MAC, and even your PC. If you have ever purchased the song before and you do not have in one of your devices, you can re-download it too.
What if you did not buy all your music from iTunes? No Problem, Here comes Music Match. For a $25 a year, it will convert all your music to 225Kbps AAC files and let you have them across all your devices. Neat and that will be the winner.
But first we need to check out on iOS 5 and down load the Mac OS X Lion, the developer version.


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