Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Google Maps : Most Connected Mobile App In UK!

Google Maps : Most Connected Mobile App In UK http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
With 6.4 Million users, Google Maps mobile is the most used mobile app in the UK according to a survey conducted by ComScore and GSMA, a mobile Industry institute, Guardian tells us.
People also used Yahoo Weather, which came in the second place with 3.6 Million users, nearly as half as Google Maps and 0.1 Million more than the Facebook App which had 3.5 million users.
The information comes from comScore and the GSMA's Mobile Media Metrics partnership and is being published in connection with IAB Engage for Mobile conference in London. Mobile Media Metrics has been busy since February 2010, providing mobile performance data to the UK's public and industries.
The difference between the top two apps and the others is that Google Maps (iPhone and Android) and Yahoo Weather (iPhone) are both preloaded apps. If you are wondering where is the Angry Birds, it is not there because it is not a connected app. Connected Apps are defined as apps that transmit data over the carriers network.

Here are the Top 20 apps from ComScore GSMA Mobile Media Metrics connected applications report

Connected Mobile Apps, UK, April 2011 (comScore / GSMA)

Total Unique Visitors
1 Google Maps 6,419,503
2 Yahoo! Weather 3,567,047
3 Facebook 3,456,442
4 Google Mobile 2,554,329
5 YouTube 2,438,348
6 eBay 1,195,496
7 Sky Sports Live Football Score Centre 1,004,085
8 Yahoo! Stocks 959,289
9 WhatsApp Messenger 798,656
10 Sky News 732,374
11 Skype 609,091
12 Shazam 562,410
13 BBC News 495,394
14 Sky Sports 482,130
15 Talking Tom Cat 452,396
16 Sky+ 303,275
17 Rightmove App 289,221
18 Google Earth 269,502
19 IMDb Movies & TV 251,624
20 TuneIn Radio 227,343


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