Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Novus Resellers Gets A Limited Time Konftel For Polycom Conference Phones In A Competitive Replacement Program

Konftel For Polycom Conference Phones
Novus, a boutique telecommunications and IP distributor serving value-added resellers throughout North America, is offering it's resellers limited time Trade-In program for Select Polycom Conference Units Credit Toward Konftel Units that Offer Superior Microphones, Excellent Sound Quality offered in an Elegantly packaged Design.

FAIRFIELD, CT, May 17, 2011—In an effort to aggressively introduce Europe’s leading conference phone to United States resellers, Novus, a boutique telecommunications and IP distributor serving value-added resellers throughout North America, is offering a competitive replacement program of Polycom conference phones with Konftel conference units. This limited-time promotion is available through May 31, 2011, and it is backed by a Try and Buy program that allows resellers to try the Konftel units at no charge if they return them within 30 days.

Polycom has tremendous brand recognition in the U.S., but Konftel has remarkable technology and offers a memorable user experience,” said Novus Managing Partner Chris Meehan. “This is an exciting opportunity for resellers to carry a differentiated product with cutting-edge technology and better margins. Konftel’s forward-thinking design creates a great opportunity to call on existing enterprise customers with an attractive product that costs less than comparable Polycom conference units with a better warranty— 2-years—and it enhances the user experience by delivering noticeably superior call quality.”

Konftel has been the dominant supplier of conference phones in Europe since 1988. All Konftel conference phones feature high-quality audio technology known as OmniSound®, providing high-quality sound to all parties. Users can talk and move freely in the meeting room, and remote participants on the call will never notice a change in the audio quality. No irritating sound clipping, crackles, damping, or echoes. OmniSound, with its full duplex communications and 360 degree sound pick-up, offers users the benefit of enjoying an excellent sound, every time—in every situation. The microphone provides omnidirectional sound pick-up and the three built-in surround speakers fill the room with crystal-clear sound.

To take advantage of this competitive replacement program, resellers can call Novus at (866) 331-1112 and provide the model numbers and quantities of the Polycom conference units they would like to trade in for Konftel units. All qualifying Polycom units must be in good working condition, contain all power supplies and cords and be cosmetically acceptable with unscratched housings. Novus will provide pricing and shipping information, and Novus’ expert staff will help resellers select the ideal Konftel units for their needs.

“Our products support connection to a wide range of devices, which is important to have in times when telecom is merging into IT. Konftel opens up a variety of applications for having audio conferencing. Whether you communicate via your mobile, over the Internet, or through a regular phone line, good sound quality is the most important for efficient communication, and Konftel has a solution for every situation”, said Clarence Jacobson, VP at Konftel.

Resellers can also contact Novus at (866) 331-1112 to order a Konftel unit through the Try and Buy program a free 30-day trial. “Konftel conference phones are the coolest looking and best sounding units available, enabling resellers an opportunity to differentiate themselves in the market,” said Meehan. “Everybody carries Polycom today, limiting the resellers’ abilities to differentiate their offerings. In addition, not enough companies deploy true conference phones in conference rooms, so there’s a real opportunity for resellers to engage enterprise customers with an attractive and cost-effective family of conferencing units that offer superior sound at a time when companies are cutting back on travel budgets and utilizing conference calling to a far greater extent.”

Meehan added, “The technology is so good that Avaya just recently acquired Konftel, so it is a perfect time for U.S. resellers to capitalize on superior technology already well-established in European markets to reenergize existing accounts and attract new ones. Avaya's intention was to gain access to the world-leading audio technology OmniSound and Konftel's product portfolio for Avaya's solutions. The Konftel brand remains, and the company will continue to develop, support, and sell conference phones under the Konftel flag.”
Novus sells and supports Allworx, Epygi, ESTOS, Ferrari Electronics, Primus Cable, SmartVue, Phybridge, VXi, Konftel, NEC, and snom technology products. Novus also supports legacy products of Nortel, Mitel, Avaya, and Vodavi. For more information, visit or call (866) 331-1112.


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