Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will Apple's Letter To Lodsys Save App Deelopers?

Apple's letter to Lodsys http://snapvoip.blogspot.com/
After being elated by Apple's letter to Lodsys yesterday, I feel I am back to square one again. One thing is, this is not something that Apple is fighting the patent (they already licensed it)and telling Lodsys that it does not understand the agreement or there is a misunderstanding.
Even if Apple stand behind the app developers, what if the same app developer makes Android version of it? Will Google depend the developer like Apple? Answers to all these are in the air.
So I went looking for answers and I landed on FOSS Patents blog that does a very good analysis of the situation. After reading the article, the confidence that the developers will prevail, need to be weighted. The developer reactions like TLA Systems' developer James Thomson, one who got a letter from Lodsys who told Macworld;
"“I am extremely relieved that Apple has stood up for its developers against these patently unfair claims by Lodsys, I always believed they would, but it’s a huge weight off my shoulders to see it written in black and white. The last ten days have been some of the most stressful of my professional career, and I’d just like to say thanks to Apple and all our customers and friends who have been highly supportive of us during this time.”"  need to be rethinked. Now what about MacroSolve?.
Yes I think everyone should at least read the article on FOSS Patents.


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