Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Secrets of SIP Trunking : A Seminar At IAUG

The Secrets of SIP Trunking
This Seminar aims to show people how SIP trunking is displacing traditional technologies on its way to becoming the leading service for Voice provisioning. The focus is in how SIP trunks works along with ensuring they are Secure, Reliable and able to deliver well into the future and offer new features as they become available. The Seminar also fully intends to shake things up and tell people what to watch out for when entering the SIP trunk market and why things will not always go as planned. With a whole list of Gotchas to run through, delegates will learn that SIP trunking is most certainly the future but the road to this end will not be a smooth one.By meeting the Seminar objectives of Informing, guiding and making people think; delegates will walk away with an understanding of SIP Trunking along with a lot of food for thought on a technology that's new and exciting but can also be fraught with interoperability issues that can quite often makes grown men cry.

Session Number: 10024
Track: Professional Development
Room: Neopolitan 4
Session Type: General Sessions
Presenter: (The SIP School)
Time: May 25, 2011 (08:30 AM - 09:30 AM)
Professional Roadmap: Managerial
Experience Level: Basic/Introductory Overview
Category: General Overview
Objective #1:: Generate an understanding that SIP Trunking is the Future and to prepare for it.
Objective #2:: Understand how to approach Service providers in order to understand what they do offer and should offer an enterprise. i.e. How not to get caught out with a 'poor' provider.
Objective #3:: Understand some of the technical challenges of getting SIP Trunking right 'before' you even talk to a provider.


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