Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goggles 1.4 Bring Enhanced Goggles Experiences To Android Devices.

I have been away for a while skiing and then nursing a damaged Knee :). I am doing better and I am back. I am glad I can write about Google Goggles 1.4 that has revolutionized the already fabulous Google Goggles that I rely on for so many things..
Among the new "enhanced experiences" are;
  • Enhanced Search History,
  • Better alternate results suggestion in the case of difficulty with image matching,
  • Better and improved Business card recognition.

The enhanced search history allows you to make personal notes on your specific Goggle search results and share them with your friends. Say you are searching about and has interest about certain product category, you can add notes to the Goggles search results so that next time you can pull out your notes about the product. In order to do so, you need to enable search history, and you can do that by, within Google Goggles,
  1. Press Menu > Settings.
  2. Select Enable history.
  3. Touch Continue.
  4. Select the account you'd like to enable search history for.
  5. Touch OK.
and your Goggles search history is now enabled.

And for suggesting better results, since image recognition is still improving some times Goggles may find it difficult to find a match. But with Goggles 1.4, you can make a suggestions;
To send your suggestion to Google, tap “Can you suggest a better result?” on the results page. You can then select the relevant part of the image and submit a tag. Tags will be used to improve recognition in object categories where Goggles already provides some results, like artwork or wine bottles.

As for business card recognition, Google has improved the task and made it faster and easier to make a contact out of a business card scan.
Google Goggles available for Any Android device with Android OS 1.6+ and could be downloaded from Android Market.

Share and personalize your Google Goggles experience with Goggles 1.4 - Official Google Mobile Blog:G


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