Thursday, May 19, 2011

Motuto, Live Tutoring Launched, Available On iPad And iPhone.

Motuto, Live Tutoring Launched On iDevices Soon On Android
If you thought those iPads and XOOMs did nothing to boost knowledge of your kids or any youngsters,  think again, Motuto, a live tutoring app has come to iPad and iPhone. I personally do not see this app being much useful on an iPhone as it is more suited to a tablet with a larger screen.

Motuto operates in a unique pattern as well. Students install the free app from the iTunes store, students are able to select from a range of subjects to get tutored on. The subject matter covers much of K-12 math and sciences. For all these subjects, Motuto has tutors on standby.  If a student requests, he or she is connected to the next available tutor. In case there there is a wait, the student is alerted via a message when the tutor becomes available. Either case when the tutor becomes available, a 20 minute tutoring session starts ticking. Tutor and student communicate via text chat, and they are also able to take and send snaps of relevant material pertaining to the study to the tutor. There is a real-time, two-way whiteboard runs alongside for demonstrations and sketches etc. All the session material are stored on the device for later studying, e-mailing, printing and sharing.

So the next is the price for the session, it is free for the first session and $5 for a 20 minute session there after. Well two questions come to my mind, can a real tutoring be done in 20 Min and is it worth $5 per 20 Min. Perhaps it would have been better to advertise $15 per hour in 20 min increments with each increment being $5.
For now, you can find the free app at iTunes and more information about the tutoring site here. They say an Android version will soon follow.


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