Friday, May 20, 2011

iPlayboy Collection For iPad Gets A Companion, Flexible iPad Arm

iPlayboy Flexible iPad Arm
If you were intrigued by the iPlayboy offering by Hugh Hefner and Co, now you can browse through all those magazine pages cartoons and editorials, hands free, thanks to Flexible iPad Arm.  I loved the translation google gave for the above photo;
Be fixed by clamping the bed, iPad still available without having slept at hand. Therefore, graceful moments before bedtime can be comfortable!
It might also help injured and bed ridden people to keep in touch with outside world or even work! :) But how can you justify paying $61 for articulated desk lamp with a clamp to hold something like iPad or similar upto 18mm thick. I guess if you can pay $9 per month for the popular mag 4980 Yen is nothing.

Thanko via Gizmodo


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