Friday, May 20, 2011

Fire, Explosion At Foxconn Kills Two And Injures 16, May Delay iPad2 Shipments.

Foxconn fire
Chinese news media have reported a big explosion at Foxconn's Chengdu factory, in the building A05, where they make iPad2. Apple and Foxconn have always been related to killing people, (iPhone kills) in the name of  iDevices Just like those suicides and the bad factory conditions, perhaps people will take this too in stride and worry about the iPad2 they are waiting for. It is reported 2 people dead and 16 being injured so far with more people trapped inside the building. Police have said it is not a human error.. So we can bring out the cliche "iPad2 Kills".
The details of the accident / incident is not clear but there are scores of fire trucks at the scene and the place is chaos.
What ever the case, I think the iPad2 supply (1 to 2 weeks waiting time) will be the focus of the incident rather than the loss of human life.
Well I am waiting for Asus Transformer.
Micgadget Via Gizmodo


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