Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Did Google And Amazon Help Apple To Get On Music Cloud Sooner?

Apple  Music Cloud
After signing up with Warner Music earlier and now that Apple got EMI music (via CNET) on it's side, looks like the cloud streaming business is totally on it's side. You might wonder what about the other two big players in the music field? Sony and Universal?? yes they too seem to be on the way to sign on with Apple according to the same source.
Even though Apple has not announced about it's cloud streaming service, it has been at it for a while, discussing deals with the likes of Warner, EMI, Sony and Universal. According to CNET, all might be in Apple's bag, whether they want or not. Perhaps, the services from Google and Amazon may have accelerated these music labels jumping in with Apple that they do not like very much.
The license free or license less service from Google and Amazon has been announced without support from Music labels, in fact that have been crying foul all along. Now that Apple has Music labels on it's side will be able to offer much more services and enhancements than Google and Amazon could. So we might hear a different tune from Apple at this year's WWDC in June.
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