Sunday, February 13, 2011

meego go!, we go!! Yes You Go Nokia To Layoff Thousands.

Nokia Layoffs.
Even what teenagers know seem to evade Nokia honcho with pants on fire. You ask any one what phone they are considering?  It will be Apple or Google (iPhone or Android) but you rarely hear Nokia and I have never heard anyone wanting a Windows phone. So Nokia, when you add negaive numbers to negative the result is always negative. But if you add negative numbers to positive, your chance of coming up positive is a posibility, depending on the gap.
So had you gone Android way, meegoo too. But that is history and from what we hear from Reuters a lot more will be history, starting with thousands of Nokia jobs in Finland and elsewhere as a part of strategic overhaul which it unveiled on Friday. But Finnish can be happy because Nokia will continue to make Finland it's home, for now.
"There will be substantial reductions in employment in various locations around the world, and that too will affect Finland," Elop said, adding it was too early to estimate how many jobs might be cut.
"It seems it means thousands of jobs in Finland," said Chairman Antti Rinne from white collar union Ammattiliitto Pro.
"This is the biggest structural reform which has ever impacted new technology in Finland," Economy Minister Mauri Pekkarinen said in a statement.

Nokia and Nokia Siemens Networks employed some 132,000 people at the end of last year, of those 19,800 in Finland. More than 6,000 people work for Nokia's research and development in four Finnish cities, like one above who protested in Tampere, Finland on Friday.


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